Why do you like doing hair?

I am passionate about the craft of doing hair. Though I came into the hair-industry a bit later in life, I am always practicing, refining and analyzing my skills to make myself the best I can be. My initial interest was in cutting. I love the immediate sculptural and textural effects I can create, and that with each guest comes new material and new challenges. I really get into the process. It is an amazing feeling to work together with a guest to find solutions that suit their personality and meet their needs. 

What type of hair do you like doing best?

I like working with all hair types. Each poses their own challenges and has their own rewards. You can't hide much in a short cut, so don't fuck it up! But I enjoy that challenge and the precision they need to be sculpted. With a longer cut, you have more room for tailoring and combining techniques into a finished look. I love when my guests can feel the difference of when techniques have been combined and tailored especially for them. They may not always know how it's different - but I love their reaction when they see it. 

Why do you like working with Aveda? 

Aveda was founded by an incredible leader, Horst Rechelbacher. His combined passion for the environment and the beauty industry has lead Aveda on its mission worldwide, and has grown Aveda's amazing education program. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Aveda Institute and the Aveda Academy in Calgary as an educator. During my time there, I am proud to have been trained by the best of Aveda Canada. There's no question, working for Aveda has always meant working with an amazing team of people and has always been a uniquely rewarding experience. There is so much more to this than shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Outside of OBB what do you like to do?

When I am not working, I do enjoy a good trip anywhere, and am always furthering my education. I am currently taking some inspiring courses in Art History, and you may recognize me as Oliver Hugh - my drag king alter ego. Always up for good people and good times.