Photo credit: Tim Lingley

Photo credit: Tim Lingley


Since I was very young, I have always wanted to be a hairstylist. I have a passion for collaborating with my guests: creating custom styles for each individual. I find enjoyment in putting a smile on a persons face and I love having a career that allows me the chance to do that everyday. 

I love the hair industry because it is always changing. I enjoy keeping up with trends, and furthering my education. I recently attended the Sassoon Academy in London, England and have made it my goal to return for more training (Sas)soon! 

I am happiest creating well-structured and versatile hairstyles. I take time to work on the small details, knowing that these will add up to the best possible results. I believe that a good hairstyle should be able to be washed and worn without fuss and easily transformed into something completely different with proper styling. 

Outside of the salon, I like to keep busy. My two main loves in life are my career and rock climbing. I am a dedicated vegan (10 years strong) and have an affinity for the outdoors, travelling, wildlife and embroidery. I enjoy every day like it is my last and I am proud to call OBB my home.