Why do you like doing hair?

I've always enjoyed having my hair cut. It was something that fascinated me as a child. I love building a complimentary structure that accentuates not only the guest's physical traits but also their lifestyle and personality. I feel as though hair is an important extension of a person's identity.

What type of hair do you like doing best?

I enjoy shorter and more textured styles. I love blended and clean lines the most. I like incorporating classic elements into more avant garde hairstyles.

Why do you like working with AVEDA?

The folks at AVEDA strive to maintain the balance between providing exceptional beauty products and being mindful of the communities and ecosystems from which they have sourced their materials. I find many of my own values reflected in AVEDA's practice.

Outside of OBB, what do you like to do?

I dig sweet hangs, sketching, watching psychedelic movies, reading books/magazines on design/art/culture/history. I enjoy travel, eating delicious food and taking it all in.